FEEDBACK: Posting Guidelines and Policies

VocMac Distribution wants to encourage you to contact us via e-mail whenever you came across computer-related terms in English, French or German and failed to find them in a "normal" dictionary. 

These computer-related terms may be

  • neologisms (new words, e.g. "overclocking" for "pushing the processor on an upgrade card to faster than its rated speed"), 
  • acronyms (words formed of the first or first few letters of several words, e.g. "IMAP" for "Internet Message Access Protocol"), 
  • colloquialisms (words, phrases and idioms characteristic of informal writing, e.g. "a tool promising lots of bang for your buck), or 
  • collocations (a set of words that usually go together, e.g. "to run a performance test - with nary a hitch") 
Please limit your contributions to these four categories and do not forget to quote your findings in their original context. 

They will be posted to our staff automatically who will try to answer your questions in due time. 

Thanks a lot for your interest and cooperation!

Ed Roth

VocMac Board