VocMac, the trilingual dictionary dedicated to " French, German and American Computer Jargon"

VocMac's main references are the following international publications:

ComputerFoto - Mac Magazin* - MacEasy* - Mac live - MacUp - MacWelt - Golden* - Macworld France* - Icônes* - MacFun - SVM Mac - Univers Mac* - Univers Macworld - Macworld USA / MacUser - CHIP - WIN - PC Welt, etc.

VocMac covers the most important word fields you are likely to come across in American, German, or French computer magazines, i.e.

  • Hardware and Software
  • Connectivity & Communication networks
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Midi and multimedia
  • The sciences
  • The computer market - Advertising computer products - Products and Users.
  • VocMac's full edition is available in the form of a completely revamped FileMaker-11-based relational database runtime.

  • To get an idea of what VocMac's content side looks like, please do not hesitate to have a look at our download area, offering our free PDF glossary dedicated to the word fields of "Desktop-Publishing and Typography".

    What does it cost?

    VocMac can be ordered online at shareit.com at 5,99 Euro in its READ-ONLY version and at 9,99 Euro in its editable EDIT version.

    Online test versions for Mac and Windows users

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    Disclaimer things

    VocMac is provided as is. It has been tested on several machines with no problems encountered. Nevertheless, VocMac Distribution is not responsible for any damage you may have while using our product.