The trilingual electronic dictionary for linguists and computer freaks..

Now that almost everybody has yielded to the charms of a graphical interface, an electronic dictionary like VocMac has become a must-have not only for Macintosh addicts.

VocMac's current trilingual edition presents more than 29,100 entries dealing with over 600 subject-matter main and sub-categories centered around Hard- and Software, Connectivity & Communication networks, Desktop Publishing, Midi and multimedia, Sciences, The computer market : Advertising computer products - Users.

This site has been conceived to give you a first idea of the structure and the unified Filemaker 11-based user interface of the dictionary.

To get an idea of what is waiting for you in VocMac's full edition, just have a look at our goodies area offering a free downloadable PDF-file presenting the chapter on "DTP & Typography"

You may also download our latest test versions for Mac and Windows users.